MIKE BRYANT “The Bat Whisperer”
Professional Hitting Instructor

- former outfielder in the Boston RedSox organization
- collegiate All American at UMASS
- single season and career Home Run record holder at UMASS

Taught and influenced by Hall of Famers

- TED WILLIAMS MLB’s last. 400 hitter
- GEORGEBRETT’S hitting instructor – Charlie Lau
- FRANK THOMAS’ hitting instructor – Walt Hriniak


- Outstanding communication skills
- The 7 positional hitting techniques that combine power and average that are used by

- The 2 most important aspects in hitting for consistent contact

- Two things that major league hitters obsess over in batting practice
swing thoughts that you can use in a game

- How to focus when you are under extreme pressure

Lessons by appointment
“Let’s Get Hitterish “


Tony Gallo
Professional Pitching Instructor

Tony is a former College and Professional Pitcher who has been a Full-Time Pitching Instructor and Pitching Consultant for local Little Leagues, Club Ball teams, High School and Legion Programs for the last 8 years.

BUT, enough about him! What you really need is an instructor that can teach you that Pitching velocity is not a strength issue, but a momentum and speed of movement issue. Tony’s program is based on Sports Science research and the latest Bio-Mechanics as they relate to pitching. Tony teaches how lower body mechanics must be improved in order to produce energy for arm speed, as well as to create a strong foundation for the upper body. Poor lower body mechanics can reduce velocity, control and lead to arm injuries. Tony’s program is based on understanding the key components of developing explosive power through correct mechanics, balance, timing, smoothness and increased stride strength.

Tony teaches the proper arm angle, hip and trunk rotation, correct weight transfer and enhanced follow-through (reduces rotator cuff and labrum injuries) Lessons also include discussions on defensive responsibilities, the latest in arm care, grip techniques and pitching strategy. Tony teaches these same techniques to his son Joey, who is a senior at Bishop Gorman, whose fastball has been clocked at 96 mph.

Learn How and Transform Your Game!

Lessons are conducted Monday Thru Friday at the Dugout Facility located at 6231 S. McLeod, ste L, Las Vegas, NV 89120.

Lessons by appointment


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